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About The SCV Sheriff’s Foundation

The SCV Sheriff’s Foundation was organized under the laws of the State of California and exists as a nonprofit public benefit corporation. This organization was formed in 1984 and was created by local citizens whose desire was to assist the local law enforcement effort in a tangible way.

Since that time, this volunteer organization has purchased equipment and provided help in accomplishing the law enforcement mission in the Santa Clarita Valley. In addition to providing much needed police equipment and crime prevention materials, the funds raised by the Foundation help the Civilian Volunteer, Law Enforcement Explorer and Reserve Deputy Programs at the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station. Some items the Foundation has purchased are:

  • Numerous Computers and Computer Equipment
  • Narcotics Vehicle (Under cover)
  • Bicycle Patrol Uniforms and Bike Pump
  • Gym Equipment
  • Donations to Baker to Vegas Relay Race
  • Search and Rescue Vehicle painting
  • Halloween Trick or Treat bags for community
  • Fingerprinting Equipment
  • Drunk Driving Trailer
  • Training Video Equipment
  • Radio equipment for Volunteers on Patrol
  • Child ID kits
  • Search and Rescue Radios
  • Search and Rescue Aircraft Direction Finders
  • “McGruff” costume and coloring books
  • Explorer trips and competitions
  • Night Scopes
  • Helicopter Equipment
  • Posse Donations
  • Reserve Company Donations
  • Women’s Self Defense Classes and Equipment

View the SCV Sheriff’s Foundation’s Itemized Purchases

Read a Letter from Capt. Roosevelt Johnson

These are only a fraction of the total donations generously provided by the Foundation. Their efforts provide the Deputies, Reserves, Explorers and Volunteers with equipment and support that makes a difficult job that much easier. If you are interested in participating in the Foundation, contact Deputy Kevin Duxbury at (661) 255-1121.

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Name Title Foundation Email
Capt. Roosevelt Johnson Chairman Send Me An Email
Ken Wiseman President Send Me An Email
James Biscailuz Vice President Send Me An Email
Cookie Schwartz Diaz Secretary Send Me An Email
Neil Fischer Treasurer Send Me An Email
Todd Stevens Director Send Me An Email
Mike Delorenzo Director Send Me An Email
Don Fleming Director Send Me An Email
Moe Hafizi Director Send Me An Email
Jessica Lee Director Send Me An Email
Jill Mellady Director Send Me An Email
Tony Demma Director Send Me An Email
Donald Spiller Director Send Me An Email
Jerry Cain Director Send Me An Email
Elliott Wolfe Director Send Me An Email
Cliff Wong Director Send Me An Email
Steve Leach Director Send Me An Email
Deputy Kevin Duxbury Advisor Send Me An Email
Lt. Todd P. Weber Advisor Send Me An Email

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