Ride-A-Long Application

Only online applications will be processed. NO appointments by phone will be accepted.

Contact Information

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Time / Dates

Pick a Date/Time that is convenient. Please allow a few weeks from application date for your first choice date. Shift times are indicated below. You will be notified by phone if you are accepted for a Ride-A-Long, along with the date/time of your ride.

Choice #1: Date:* Shift:

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Reasons for taking this ride-a-long:*


The required dress code for the Ride-A-Long is as follows:
Males: Collared shirt and slacks. (NO BLUE JEANS OR SHORTS)
Females: Dress, skirt and blouse or slacks and blouse.

No firearms or other weapons (knives, pepper spray, etc).
You must show up at least 15 minutes prior to start of assigned shift.
You must bring your valid driver's license or U.S. government ID.
Applicants with any prior criminal history will be disqualified.

By checking the below box, I authorize the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department to initiate a Record Check prior to my acceptance on a Ride-A-Long. I accept the clothing standards set by the Sheriff's Department and I will wear the appropriate attire for the Ride-A-Long. I will also sign the Waiver and Release of Claims and Indemnity Agreement Form (Release of Liability) on the date of my Ride-A-Long.

I accept the terms of this application.

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